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Garden Salad


Yoghurt Salad


Baba Ghanouj

Salad Coban Salatasi

Chicken Soup

Lentil Soup

Scrambled Eggs with Sujuk

(4 pan cooked eggs in butter, topped with sujuk and mixed spices)

Scrablled eggs

(4 pan cooked eggs in butter, topped with mixed spices)

Hommous with Shawarma

(hommous dip topped with pan grilled shawarma, pine nuts and a mix of spices)

Meat Pides (Chicken/ Beef)



Beef Burger

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Sauce

Chicken Burger

Lettuce & Mayo

Chicken /Beef/Vegetarian or Mix Pizza (Regular/Large/Family)

Chicken Plate

Quarter Half Whole(Searved with garlic sauce, chips, pickles)

Chicken Meal

(Whole chicken, medium garlic, large chips and choise of regular pickles/ tabouleh/ hommus)

Turkish Chicken curry

Kafta Skewers

(4 skewers of lean lamb minced with parsley, onion and spices, served with tahini)

Lamb Skewers

(3 skewers of marinated tender lamb, seasoned and grilled, served with garlic dip)

Shish Tawook

Mixed Plate

(one lamb skewer, one kafta skewer and one shish tawook skewer or grilled chicken pieces, served with hommous, baba ghannouj, garlic dip, falafel and tabouli)

Fish Fillet With Veggies

Whole Fish With Rice

Adana Shish Roll

Chicken Shish Roll

Lamb Shish Roll

Yaprak Dolma

Chicken Nuggets with chips

Turkish Manti (pasta)

Manti is an extraordinary dish from Turkey: tiny -stuffed dumplings topped with three sauces: caramelized tomato sauce, brown butter sauce, and garlicky yogurt sauce.

Mix Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Pides



Dolma stuffed vine leaves with rice and vegetables


Veg Salad

Turkish Barbunya

Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian Plate

Special Combo Pack

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